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    • Reject any audio uploaded by Users.
    • Use the audio sent or published by the User on the Website freely and without any manner of limitation regarding rights of intellectual property.
    • Release itself from any liability to users being unable to upload audio.
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    1. Intellectual ownership of the audio uploaded by the User.

    Users cede all intellectual property rights in the audio they upload to the Website for their publication on the Website, with a transferrable character, for an indefinite time, without any manner of territorial limitation, and at no charge.

    With this assignment, the Website Owner is granted full disposition and the right to the exploitation of the aforementioned audio, including the owner award licenses to third parties and transfer these rights to third parties. The assignment of the rights to the audio shall include, but not be limited to, their reproduction in any medium or format, copying, the right to distribution and making available to the public in any medium, and the right to communicate them to the public in any medium.

    In the event of the audio including sounds with intellectual property rights belonging to third parties, users must obtain the consent and authorization of such third parties prior to uploading the audio on the Website, in order to ensure that they may be assigned to and used by the Website Owner.  The users are liable for any claims pertaining to rights that may be lodged by third parties for the sounds included in the audio.

    The assignment of the intellectual property rights in the audio shall not generate or bestow any economic right, reimbursement, payment of tariff, or fee of any description to the User.

    In the case of Users not assigning the intellectual property rights to the audio to the Website Owner, they should not upload or publish them on the Website.

    The Website Owner will review the audio uploaded by users for publication and reserves the right to not publish the audio when it is not correctly recorded or of insufficient quality and when it considers it does not meet the criteria set forth in publishing audio in the sole judgement of the Website Owner.

    Users who upload audio shall be liable for claims made by third parties regarding possible intellectual property rights attaching to the said audio published on the Website.

    The Website Owner shall have the right to seek redress against the User by all the legal resources at its disposal and claim any compensatory sums for the culpable or negligent action or omission directly or indirectly attributable to the User who causes the infringement of the intellectual property rights of third parties on the part of the Website Owner.

    1. Duration and termination of the service of publishing audio.

    The service of publishing audio,  in principle, an indefinite duration, the Website Owner reserving the right to suspend or terminate such service at any time, with the sole obligation of announcing this fact on the Website.